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Connectivity plays a crucial role for us to live in the digital world. We believe it is a fundamental right deserved by everyone. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide through innovative broadband solutions.

Education Networks

These networks provide low cost or free broadband service. We use a school as the central location or hub to build a network within that radius. A model provides 150,000 kids with high-speed internet for a low cost of $4.88 per student, per month. 

CBRS Spectrum

Newly available Citizens Radio Broadband Spectrum (CBRS) allows us to set up our own private LTE, and soon 5G networks. The "innovation band" offers shared access spectrum utilization to make network build-outs more and affordable. 

Broadband Utility

Providers aren't invested in our target markets, but often have a non-compete clause with the city. Using Fiber Optics we can define broadband as a utility.


Harnessing Broadband

Our projects adapt to the needs of individual communities. We work with local city governments, school districts & local nonprofits. To address the lack of connectivity, we can’t ignore the years of systematic inaccessibility that make up the digital divide and education gap. Both of them are effects of systemic injustices with a complicated history. Learn more through our digestible white pages coming soon.

Our Markets

These are 12 of the most unconnected cities identified in our research. Our goal is to provide affordable, fixed connectivity for households within these communities. Notice that they are also some of the largest cities in America.

Our goal is to see everyone in America connected and we are currently accepting city nominations. Connect with us to nominate your city and tell us about connectivity problems in your area. 

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Connectivity Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 85-0943054.

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